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CREA voyage
CREA voyage
CREA voyage
CREA voyage

Giving You

an Authentic Cultural Experience

in Kanazawa , Japan

We are a travel agency providing tailor- made tours, exclusive for those who seek the authentic cultural experiences in Kanazawa, Japan.
Kanazawa Highlights

Kanazawa Highlights tours give you a comprehensive look into Kanazawa, one of the historical cities in Japan. You can enjoy private, luxury door-to-door travel service with a friendly, knowledgeable English-speaking tour guide and a driver.

Experience Kanazawa

Immerse yourself in the authentic culture of Kanazawa. We offer you a wide variety of experience tours to meet your interest. All tours are private, with an English-speaking tour guide and a driver.

Influenced by the presence of the samurai and their lifestyle, various traditional arts and crafts have been historically enhanced in Kanazawa and its suburbs. Today, many fields of craftwork continue to exist such as Kutani porcelain, Wajima lacquerware, Kaga embroidery or Kaga-yuzen silk dying, and Kanazawa is recognized as a UNESCO Creative City of Crafts and Folk Art. CREA voyage offers you an experience to make a visit to workshops or studios of the excellent artisans. You will observe and learn their techniques before your very eyes and interact with them.

As Kanazawa is well known for rice production and fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, you will have a great food experience there. If you like drinking, we highly recommend you to try the local sake which is made from water and rice. And if you want to know more of the secrets of Kanazawa's food and sake, CREA voyage offers you the experiences to discover the secrets.

Enjoy a Japanese onsen experience staying at a traditional "Ryokan" hotel. This serene stay is all about relaxing. Soak your body into the open-air baths surrounded by beautiful scenery and indulge in one of Earth's natural remedies. We bring you a selection of the best onsens in Kanazawa area in luxury settings that will delight you more than a hotel spa ever could.

In the Edo period(1603-1868), Kanazawa grew to one of the biggest cities in Japan and enjoyed the golden age under the rule of local samurai loads. It was a center of business, culture and entertainment. The samurai culture enhanced traditional entertainments such as Noh plays, local music and Geisha entertainments, some of which have been open for invitation only. CREA voyage will take you to the special venue to enjoy the excellent entertainment.

Explore the countryside outside Kanazawa. In the suburbs, there are also plenty of charming places to see. Going through the beautiful countryside and natural sights, discover the hidden village of the UNESCO World Heritage Shirakawa-go, relax your body and mind in natural hot springs or visit the places of the origin of Kutani porcelain or Wajima lacquerware.

Popular Tours

All tours are private, with English speaking travel guides.
2-Day Kanazawa City Tour
3-Day Geisha Entertainment and Kanazawa City Tour
3-Day Kutani Porcelain Studio Visit and Kanazawa City Tour
3-Day Wakura "Onsen" Spa Experience and Kanazawa City Tour
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