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"Geisha" entertainment with traditional "Kaiseki" dinner

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Practical information about this tour:


Tour includes:    

  • "Geisha" entertainment

  • Full course "Kaiseki" dinner and selected alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages

  • English speaking private guide


Duration: 2.5 hours 


Location: Kanazawa city, Japan


Price: Please contact us


Max # of people: up to 10


Others: Please be noted that the tour accepts guests age of 13 and above.

We can tailor tours to meet your request.


Through the ages, genuine "Geisha” Entertainment and "Ryotei” (Japanese traditional restaurants) have opened to a very limited members and refused any customers without introduction. CREA voyage arranges private tour of “Geisha” entertainment and “Kaiseki” dinner in the traditional style exclusive for you.  

“Geisha” are professional entertainers who perform various traditional Japanese arts during meals such as dance, Japanese drums, flutes and guitars(Shamisen), games and conversation.  

“Kaiseki” is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner which is globally recognized as an art for its beautiful combination of taste, texture, appearance and colors of food. Japanese cuisine is currently listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritages.


About Ryotei visiting:


In 1752, one family opened a restaurant besides their main business of sword guard making. The restaurant gained a great reputation among the feudal lords, and soon it was recognized as the best restaurant in Kaga Province.

After the Meiji restoration in early 19th century, literary masters including Saisen-Muro, political figures including Ito Hirofumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan,had all dined at this restaurant to enjoy Kaga’s specialty food. Today, guests from all around the world visit and experience one of the most historical Japanese restaurants in Kanazawa City.

They would present you special dishes that capture the enduring historical sensation. With the finest ingredients from the Sea of Japan and Mount Haku, the original and rich flavours reflect the unique cultural and historical significance.


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