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Sushi making experience
Practical information about this tour:


Tour includes:    

  • Sushi making experience lectured by Sushi professional

  • Sushi course dinner or lunch

  • English speaking private guide


Duration: 2.5 hours 


Location: Kanazawa, Japan


Price:    Please contact us


Max # of people:    up to 6

We can tailor tours to meet your request.


Please enjoy Sushi making experience lectured by the Sushi professional. You may regard Sushi as just an easy-to-do dish which is made of raw fish and rice. But it requires a delicate combination of technique and spirit. Please feel the part of Sushi culture by experiencing making it.

After Sushi making, experience tasting authentic Sushi made by trained professionals crafted their skills for many years. As it is endowed with Japan sea, Kanazawa city is one of the best cities to eat Sushi where gourmets visit. We will invite you to the prestigious Sushi restaurant many celebrities visit from all over Japan.

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