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“Wajima” Lacquer studio tour
Practical information about this tour:


Tour includes:    

  • Field tour at "Wajima" Lacquer studio

  • English speaking private guide


Duration: 1.5 hours 


Location: Wajima-city, Ishikawa pref.


Price:    Please contact us


Max # of people:    up to 10

We can tailor tours to meet your request.


"Wajima-nuri"(Wajima laquer ware) is one of the most famous lacquer ware in Japan. It was inherited more than 500 years. There are artifacts showing lacquer was used to decorate and strengthen a shrine door from the 14th century. Some 120 separate processes are involved in the making of "Wajima-nuri" They are divided into ten different categories undertaken by different specialists. They are all done by hand and they are known that we can use the wares more than 100 years taken over generation to generation.

In this tour we will share the history, background, technique and spirit of “Wajima-nuri”. Also you have an opportunity to visit “Wajima-nuri” studio.

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