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Kenroku-en garden

Needless to say, Kenroku-en Garden is one of the most famous and beautiful gardens in Japan. But few people know that it is portraying an imaginary world of an immortal mountain wizard in heaven. The concept was called "Shinsen ideology" which was influenced by the Chinese philosophy of Daoism. One of its legends told in Japan was that there was a mountainous island surrounded by the ocean, where an immortal wizard inhabited, who lived in perfect harmony with nature. The Lords of the Kaga domain, who had engaged in creating Kenroku-en Garden, had tried to replicate this legend in it by arranging a pond as an imitation of the ocean and placing there an island of the Immortal, hoping for long lives and prosperity.

In CREA voyage's Kenroku-en Garden tour, you can enjoy strolling around this legendary garden in the company of a Japanese garden expert which will be a great help for you to understand and appreciate the garden itself and the associated Japanese culture.

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