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Porcelain studio tour with “Kutani-yaki” artist
Practical information about this tour:


Tour includes:    

  • Field tour at "Kutani-yaki" studio lectured by famous artist

  • Painting your own "Kutani-yaki" experience

  • English speaking private guide


Duration: 2 hours 


Location: Kanazawa, Japan


Price:    Please contact us


Max # of people:    up to 10

We can tailor tours to meet your request.


“Kutani-yaki” (Kutani ware) represents the kind of porcelain. It was inherited for 400 years and in 19th century it was exported all over the world as “Japan Kutani”. “Kutani-yaki” was selected as a wedding gift for Charles, Prince of Wales that it is often used as gift items of Imperial family. Some “Kutani-yaki” artists are Important Intangible Cultural Property (Human National Treasure).

In this tour we will share the history, background, technique and spirit of “Kutani-yaki” explained by the famous artist which is one of the best in Japan. There is an opportunity to visit “Kutani-yaki” studio and painting your own “Kutani-yaki”.

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