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3-Day Geisha Entertainment and Kanazawa City Tour
Kenroku-en garden
Kanazawa castle
Higashi chaya district

It is no doubt that many people are curious about Geisha, the legacy of ancient Japan that still exists now. Geisha are the professional entertainers who are trained in traditional Japanese arts like dance and music. They attend meals, banquets and other gatherings to perform and also to make the guests feel at ease during the event. Even for Japanese people, there is scarcely any opportunity to experience Geisha entertainment, as it is exclusive and generally open for invitation only. So, if you have it, your trip will definitely be the memorable one. CREA voyage will take you to the special venue to enjoy the excellent Geisha entertainment where you can also enjoy the extravagant cuisine of "Kaiseki" dinner. In addition to this special experience, we will bring you to an exploration into the samurai city of Kanazawa with all its amazing sites such as Kenroku-en garden, Kanazawa castle, Nagamachi samurai district and more. Two nights of accommodation at a traditional Japanese "Ryokan" hotel is also included.

  • Geisha entertainment including full course "Kaiseki" dinner and selected alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on the second day

  • Kanazawa city tour

  • 2 nights of accommodation at a traditional Japanese "Ryokan" hotel with complimentary breakfast

  • Full course "Kaiseki" dinner on the first day at the "Ryokan" hotel (drink not included)

  • English speaking private guide and transport by private vehicle

  • Entrance fees


  • Food and drinks except the breakfast and dinner mentioned above

  • Gratuities (optional)

  • 2 nights of accommodation at "Ryokan" hotel in Kanazawa city.

  • We can also offer you an accommodation option at a sophisticated city hotel with western style rooms and another accommodation option at a luxury "Ryokan" hotel in the suburbs of Kanazawa with "Onsen" spa experience and "Kaiseki" dinner, which are priced individually. Please contact us for more details.

  • If the designated accommodation is not available, we will contact you to discuss alternative options. 


Please contact us

Max # of people

up to 8

Additional information
  • Please be noted that the tour accepts guests age of 13 and above.

Tour itinerary



Our guide and driver will meet you at Kanazawa station, Komatsu airport or your staying hotel in Kanazawa.


Kenroku-en garden


Kanazawa castle  
Hotel drop off

Please enjoy "Kaiseki" dinner at the traditional Japanese "Ryokan" hotel.



Hotel pick up
Ohmicho market
Nagamachi Samurai district
Higashi chaya district
Geisha entertainment
Enjoy the Geisha experience and full course "Kaiseki" dinner at the traditional "Ryotei" restaurant.
Hotel drop off




Hotel pick up
21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art
Your selection

If time permitted, we will bring you to either of the following experiences.

  • D.T. Suzuki Museum(Zen)

  • Miso brewery visit  


We will see you off at Kanazawa station, Komatsu airport or your staying hotel in Kanazawa.

  • The above starting/ending time are approximate. We can modify them according to your schedule, if they are in the daytime. Please contact us.

  • Please note that the itineraries and transportations may be subject to change without prior notice due to circumstances or events.

Optional tours


Following optional tours are offered to guests interested in additional experience or sightseeing to supplement the included components of our tours. You may choose to participate in some, all or none of the optional tours which are priced individually. Please contact us for more details.

  • Sake brewery tour (open from November to April)

  • Kaga embroidery studio visit (accepted up to 4 people)


Geisha Entertainment
Geisha, the legacy of ancient Japan


Geishas are Japanese female entertainers who act as hostesses at banquets and whose skills include performing various Japanese traditional arts such as classical music, singing, and dancing. The geishas in Kanazawa inherited the hospitality spirit by enhancing their talents in their historical and traditionally cultured tea house districts. They perform various traditional Japanese arts. First, they learn “tachikata” (literally meaning “how to stand”) for the posture needed to dance. Then they start “narimono” (literally meaning “things making sounds”) for traditional Japanese music. The “narimono” begins with mastering how to play the Japanese drums called “taiko,””tsuzumi,” and “ookawa,” and also the flute. This is followed by the Japanese guitar "shamisen" and singing, together called “jikata.” Besides attending banquets, it is quite normal for the geisha to be very busy all day studying. A professional geisha has the most elegant and beautiful manner that can be observed even from her fingertips. Their presence can change the whole atmosphere. Please enjoy their outstanding presence and entertainment.

Tsubajin, the most traditional Japanese restaurant in Kanazawa

In 1752, one family opened a restaurant besides their main business of sword guard making. The restaurant gained a great reputation among the feudal lords, and soon it was recognized as the best restaurant in Kaga Province. After the Meiji restoration in early 19th century, literary masters including Saisen-Muro, political figures including Ito Hirofumi, the first Prime Minister of Japan, had all dined at this restaurant to enjoy Kaga’s specialty food. Today, guests from all around the world visit and experience one of the most historical Japanese restaurants in Kanazawa City. They would present you special dishes that capture the enduring historical sensation. With the finest ingredients from the Sea of Japan and Mount Haku, the original and rich flavours reflect the unique cultural and historical significance.

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