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CREA voyage
CREA voyage
CREA voyage
CREA voyage
CREA voyage

Giving You

an Authentic Cultural Experience

in Kanazawa , Japan

We are a travel agency providing tailor- made tours, exclusive for those who seek the authentic cultural experiences in Kanazawa, Japan.

What do you imagine when you think about “Japanese Culture”? Japanese culture is based on hospitality to others and a harmonious relationship with nature that is believed essential to the spirit.


Cultural aspects like the kimono and Japanese porcelain, inherited over the centuries, combine tradition and change; Japanese gardens that bring us dramatically different scenes as the seasons change; “Washoku” or Japanese cuisine with its impressive decorations and sophisticated tastes.


We would like more people from all around the world to enjoy this sophisticated Japanese culture. This is our motivation in launching CREA voyage and starting to provide experience tours. All our tours are extremely private. You will be able to visit places and meet experts not normally accessible, thereby allowing you to immerse yourself deeply in the true Japanese culture.

Popular Tours

All tours are private, with English speaking travel guides.
"Geisha" entertainment with traditional "Kaiseki" dinner

Porcelain studio tour with “Kutani-yaki” artist

“Wajima” Lacquer studio tour
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